2014 Kampanja

Rak kože se može vidjeti, a poznavanje vaše kože može napraviti razliku. Redovno se provjeravajte i tražite promjene, jer se rak kože može lečiti ako se uhvati dovoljno rano. Uvijek se konsultujte sa svojim dermatologom u slučaju sumnje.

Dear healthcare professional,


You see more of your clients’ skin than they see themselves. You are therefore ideally placed to identify potentially dangerous skin spots before they become a problem. So if you see something suspicious, be sure to recommend that your client sees a dermatologist. It could prevent serious health problems and may even save their life.


The leaflet below explains what to look for.


For more information about the different kinds of skin spots, what they mean and how they can be treated, you can also refer them to our main website: www.euromelanoma.org


Thank you for joining the fight to prevent skin cancer.


Download, read and share.


We have prepared educational materials. You will find useful advices.


Feel free to download these documents and share them with your family, friends, colleagues...


People are traveling in your offices, lounges, corridors, health club, shops, waiting rooms?
Your job will take you to see, touch or take care of the skin of your clients? Do not miss out of danger.


Download and print this poster.

Download the brochure and learn how to detect lesions at risk.

Preventing skin cancer

Skin cancer can be seen, and knowing your skin can make the difference. Check yourself regularly and look for changes, because skin cancer can be treated if caught early enough. Always consult your dermatologist in case of doubt.



Always be sunsafe

Avoid unnecessary exposure.

Seek shade where possible, and avoid the summer sun during the middle of the day.

sun icon

Wear protective clothing

Include dark colours, long sleeves, a widebrimmed hat and UV-rated sunglasses.

For children, look for clothing with inbuilt sun protection.

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Apply sunscreen

Check that yours has a high protection factor against both UVA and UVB rays. Remember that sunscreen takes effect around half an hour after its application and only lasts for two to three hours.

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Protect children

Children are at the greatest risk of long-term health issues related to unsafe sun exposure.

Outside play is important, but you should never let a child get sunburnt.

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Svako ima mrlje na koži. One su sasvim normalan dio odrastanja i starenja.


Međutim, s vremena na vreijme mogu biti upozorenje na nešto opasnije.


Zato redovno provjeravajte kožu na sumnjivim mrljama. Ako ste u nedoumici, obratite se svom dermatologu.


Proverite svoju kožu i kožu svojih najmilijih jednom mesečno. Pazite na mesta koja:


  • Promjenite veličinu, boju i/ili oblik

  • Izgledaju drugačije od ostalih

  • Asimetrične su

  • Osećajte se grubo ili ljuskavo, ponekad možete osetiti lezije pre nego što ih vidite

  • Raznobojne su

  • Svrbe

  • Krvare ili cure

  • Izgledaju biserno

  • Izgledaju kao rana, ali ne zarastaju 


Potražite znakove upozorenja za rak kože. Konsultujte se sa svojim dermatologom ako vidite dva ili više.


Madeži na istoj osobi često izgledaju slično:


  • isti oblik i iste boje. pojava pigmentirane lezije može se smatrati sumnjivom ako se razlikuje od ostalih. Ovo se zove znak „Ružno pače“.

  • zapamtite ABCDE znakove melanoma: rano otkrivanje je prvi faktor uspješnog liječenja.







A. Da li je tačka asimetrična?





B. Ima li neugromne granice?





C. Da li sadržI različite boje?