Know your skin type

Your skin type is identified by various characteristics, such as hair colour or fairness of complexion. The skin is typically classed in four different types:

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Skin type 1


  • Fair skin, often with freckles
  • Blond or red hair
  • Blue o green eyes
  • Skin is extremely sensitive to the sun, always burns and does not tan
  • Use a self tanning lotion if you must have a 'tan'
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Skin type 2


  • Fair skin, but a little darker than skin type 1
  • Blond to dark blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Skin is also sensitive to the sun, tans slowly and is prone to sunburn
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Skin type 3


  • Slightly darker complexion
  • Dark blond to brown hair
  • Various eye colours
  • Skin is slightly sensitive to the sun, tans easily and quickly, the tan lasts a long time
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Skin type 4


  • Light brown skin
  • The hair is dark brown or black
  • Dark eyes
  • The skin is robust, tans quickly and deeply, the tan lasts a long time