Euromelanoma exists to promote and share information on skin cancer prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. We are led by a network of European dermatologists who generously give up their time to serve this cause.


Dear Visitor,


Welcome to the European Euromelanoma website!


Euromelanoma tries to do exactly that: It is a pan-European campaign for skin cancer prevention that aims to give information to everybody on skin cancer prevention, early diagnosis and treatment.
Initiated in Belgium in 1999, this campaign has spread to 29 countries, from Sweden to Cyprus, Malta, Ireland, Russia , from the North to the South and from the East to the West, all over Europe.


This initiative has been led by a network of European dermatologists who work for free to generously serve this cause. Apart from our yearly campaign of free skin examination we have now tried to help you access information about skin cancer.


You are invited to browse our site and discover for yourselves what skin cancer is and how you can help yourself and your children to minimize your risks of contracting it. Also, there is information on the sun and ultraviolet radiation – and you could discover which are the common myths about tanning!


We hope that our efforts will be appreciated and greater knowledge about skin cancer will lead to a better prevention of this disease. 


Prof. Veronique del Marmol, MD, PhD

Euromelanoma Europe Chair


Dear Colleagues/Fellow citizens,


Skin cancer, particularly the potentially fatal Malignant Melanoma remains on the increase in many countries worldwide including in the Maltese Islands. There is abundant scientific proof that the ultraviolet rays of the sun represent the single most important factor in the causation of skin cancer. Public educational campaigns constitute the key to the successful containment of this growing problem, which has achieved epidemic proportions. The two principal objectives of such a campaign are to:


(1) minimise lifetime skin exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays, and

(2) promote early detection of skin cancer, which in turn would improve prognosis and consequently helps save lives, especially in the case of Melanoma Skin Cancer.


We trust that you will appreciate the importance of the educational messages in this campaign and look forward to your co-operation in ensuring a successful result.


Dr Lawrence Scerri, Consultant Dermatologist (Lead EuroMelanoma Co-ordinator MALTA)

Dr Daniel Micallef, Resident Dermatology Specialist (EuroMelanoma Media Co-ordinator MALTA)

Dr Paula Vassallo, Director Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Department (HPDP) MALTA

Mr Stefan Attard, Principal Technical Officer HPDP MALTA (Graphic Design)

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EUROMELANOMA is the official skin cancer prevention campaign from EADO.