About Euromelanoma

Euromelanoma exists to promote and share information on skin cancer prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. We are led by a network of European dermatologists who generously give up their time to serve this cause.


Our activities are focused on reaching three key audiences; the general public; the scientific community; and European and national policy makers.


For the public, through the Euromelanoma website (which has been visited by over one million people) and a yearly public awareness campaign, we promote understanding of skin cancer, its prevention, early detection and treatment. This activity culminates in public screenings during an annual ‘Euromelanoma Screening Day’. To date, over 450,000 people have received free skin examinations.


For dermatologists and the broader healthcare community, we regularly share knowledge and best practices through scientific publications in order to improve care for skin cancer patients.


For governments, we host special events to ensure the treatment of skin cancer is fully recognised and supported in healthcare systems and policies.


Since it was established in 1999 by six Belgian dermatologists (T. Maselis, M. van Daele, C. Pirard, V. del Marmol, B. Richert, and K. de Boulle), Euromelanoma has spread rapidly across the Continent and is now active in 33 countries.


Disclaimer: only websites that include euromelanoma.org or euromelanoma.eu are official Euromelanoma websites. 


Euromelanoma takes no responsibility for Euromelanoma internet domain extensions that do not include the ‘.org’ or ‘.eu’ suffix.